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Fort Leonard Wood MSCOE Army Military Housing - J & B Apartments

Nestled back on two private paved no-through streets in a family-friendly subdivision setting. The townhomes are quietly secluded from freeway noise and no surrounding high-traffic stores.

A quick journey home from the fort without stop lights once out of the gate. Yet, easy access to St. Robert restaurants and stores via I-44 Freeway. You'll find our townhomes just outside the West Gate entrance

(approximately 3 miles), located northwest of the fort, and before I-44 freeway. 

PCSing to Fort Leonard Wood Army Base?
Off Base Housing—Bordering the Installation
We're proud to provide off-base housing for all Military Service Members: CBRN, Military Police, (USAMPS), Officers, EBOLC, Instructors, Engineers (USAES), SAPPERS, MSCOE NCO Academy, Engineer ALC, CBRN SLC, Military Police ALC, Warrior Leader Course, WLC, 
Captains Career Course, Contract Workers, ARMY Basic Combat Training Course Fort Leonard Wood Missouri.

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Fort Leonard Wood MSCOE Army Military Housing - J & B Apartmentsg - J & B Apartments

  • Come by our office for a tour.
  • GPS Navigation: 24890 Scenic Drive, Waynesville, MO 65583.
  • We look forward to meeting you!

Directions from the 24/7 West Gate via Hwy H: follow Hwy H, turn right on Southside Road (street before the freeway), turn right on Stagecoach Road, right on on Selby Road, right on Scenic Drive—arrive at J & B Apartments, LLC of Scenic and Skyview Drives.


Renting 2-story, 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths townhomes.
Two Layouts:
Townhome & reserved 2-car carport, 1,150 sq. ft.
Townhome &  garage, 1,175 sq. ft.

​>>​Tenants report travel time of 12 to 15 minutes to the Fort Leonard Wood Commissary from here.

Just Outside the 24/7 West Gate Entrance:

Fort Leonard Wood MSCOE Army Military Housing - J & B Apartmentsg - J & B Apartments

Fort Leonard Wood Home of Maneuver Support Center Of Excellence, CBRN, USAMPS, USAES, SAPPERS, EBOLC, Captains Career Course,Basic Combat Training, Military Graduation Classes, Fort Leonard Wood MSCOE Army Military Housing - J & B Apartments